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Kids Online English is for you, if you want your kids to...

  • start speaking English within a week,

  • be able to apply from day one, what they have learned,

  • practice English through engaging real-life activities,

  • leave our academy as a fully independent learner*, continuing to improve their English on their own

  • be ready to face challenges of a rapidly changing world,

  • stay curious and creative,

and do all this without leaving your home.


*We believe in life-long learning, but you really don't have to be taking English classes forever... With us you will learn to learn, and acquire the skills you need for a balanced future, so that you can reinvent yourself whenever needed.


Hear it directly from the families and students

Interview with Inma, mum of 2 students

Inma's kids have been learning with us for 4 months. She tells us: 

  • how much they love our international team of professional teachers,
  • how simple it is for them to connect from home,
  • how easy it is for her to get all necessary materials in your eBox

Thank you Inma for your time, happy to have you and your family in our community! 


Interview with Pedro, 9 years

Pedro started with English as a little boy at home, with his mum. and has been learning with us for the last 3 years. 

We chatted with him about the academy, life in 2021 and future plans. 

Thanks Pedro, you did great!

What makes Kids Online English special?



1. You can choose from 500+ themed English workshops a year

This is our signature service! We are the only language school that offers unlimited access to workshops in English. Cooking, crafts, photography, yoga, creative writing, comics, karaoke, drama, all included in your learning plan. 

Try it now! Get your coupon for a FREE workshop!


2. You will love your eBox!

The eBox is a surprise box you'll receive at the start, containing all the materials you'll need for your classes and workshops, and which will be refilled each trimestre, as necessary. Clay, glitter, feathers, felt, googly eyes, paint, material for science experiments, and lots of other fun stuff!



3. "Teach to Learn"

When our students "become teachers": You can bring your favourite topic and be the leader of a workshop. In this workshop you can share your passion with kids from around the world, with the help of your tutor. "Bamboo Nail Art Workshop" with Miracle, "Make Chocolate Chip Cookies with Julia", "The World of Harry Potter" with Álvaro are some of our recent ones.


4. A class just for YOU each month

In addition to the group classes, you have a 45-min individual class with your teacher each month. The content of the class will be planned in advance by your teacher, but you can also decide to use it to ask for help for a school project, for example.


5. More than English...

Each one of us has their own pace of learning. In all our events we pay special attention to Helping Each Other, Sharing, Listening to Each Other, Growing Together. We value the attitude of Not Giving Up rather than striving for perfection. Mental flexibility, emotional balance, empathy; crucial abilities for a successful and happy adult life. 


What other parents say about us:


"Sandra is enthusiastic about working with you and wants to continue in September. Count with her!!! A hug and thank you for all your effort and GREAT work, and for making our kids happy!!!!"

Loli, Spain


"Daniel is super happy, before he started, he couldn't imagine. Thank you so much for making them enjoy language learning so much! He really needed this motivation. I can hear him speak and interact all the time!"

Stefanie, Germany


"It's great to see how much our kids are enjoying your classes. You are doing an amazing job by making it fun, dynamic, and by forming groups that work together so well. We are really grateful for your system and your dedication."

José, Portugal


Founder's Welcome

Hi, I'm Eszter, 


Welcome to our world!

My dream and passion are to prepare the future generation for a rapidly changing world. To help them be proactive with their lives, instead of being reactive. To turn challenges into opportunities and welcome change. 


"In today's world, kids don't need more information, they need the ability to make sense of information. To tell the difference between what is important and what is unimportant, and above all to combine many bits of information into a broad picture of the world." [Thoughts of J.N. Harari]


Speaking English is a must for anyone who wants to be able to make the most of the opportunities the world offers.


"But to survive and flourish in this world, you also need a lot of mental flexibility and great reserves of emotional balance." [J.N. Harari] 


In everything we do at Kids Online English, we strive to help kids find this balance while enjoying the process. 


I am from Hungary, living in Spain, speaking Hungarian, Spanish and English in my daily life. I couldn't imagine my life without this variety of languages.

I'd love for you, and your kids to experience a much more balanced and versatile picture of the world, as every new language grants us new opportunities.

This is why I founded my first English school, Esztertainment, in 2014, which was the birth place of Kids Online English.


The families that have come along with us throughout these years, can testify, that we've become an essential part of their lives and their future, making it a better one. 


Thank you for the time you have dedicated to getting to know us, we'll see you very soon in your first trial class.

With love,




Founder, Kids Online English

The fact that you are still with me means that you are doing an amazing job as a parent!

You are ready to investigate and find the best solutions for your kids' future. Well, we have your children's best interest at heart, and would be honoured to work with you. 

Let's meet!

At our first meeting with the family, I will ask you about your kids age and English learning experience. Then I will offer you a group where they can try our classes for the first time.

All these people can't be mistaken.

Do you still have some questions? Check this section, you might find the answer.

Thank you so much for visiting us, we hope to greet you soon amongst our students.