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Speak English with confidence, and 


Grow up to be successful, happy, responsibletolerant adults,



Kids Online English

Learn English with Friends from around the world, in multinational groups.


Your kids won't need any more ENGLISH classes after the age of 16!

Let me tell you why...

Every single step we take is planned with your kids' objectives in mind 

  • Learn English through real experiences without effort,
  • Grow up to be happy, successful, responsible, open minded, adults,
  • Be ready for a rapidly changing world,

So that by the age of 16, they are ready to conquer any challenges on their own.

What makes Kids Online English special?



1. Our work is based 100% on real life experiences

We work without books and without spreadsheets, each student working with their own scrapbook, where they can paint, write, stick, save things, however they like. Any books we do use in class, will be story books, originally written for English-speaking kids.


2. Each week you can choose from 15+ different workshops

¡This is our signature service! We are the only language school that offers more than 500 thematic workshops a year. Cooking, crafts, photography, yoga, creative writing, comics, karaoke, drama, only to mention a few examples.


3. You will love our eBox!

The eBox is a surprise box you'll receive at the start, containing all the materials you'll need for your classes and workshops, and which will be refilled each trimestre, as necessary. Clay, glitter, feathers, felt, googly eyes, paint, material for science experiments, and lots of other fun stuff!

4. A class just for YOU each month

In addition to the group classes, you have a 45-min individual class with your teacher each month. The content of the class will be planned in advance by your teacher, but you can also decide to use it to ask for help for a school project, for example.

5. Maximum 8 students per group

You belong to a fixed group with a maximum of 8 students, meeting twice a week. The reduced number of students allows us to pay each student the attention they need. And you will form new friendships too!

6. Content based on student preferences

We dedicate the first month to getting to know each other, identifying our goals and seeing, which activities, topics that fascinate us the most. We design the content of each trimestre based on the preferences of the students in each group. 

7. Increased focus on interpersonal and social skills

In all our events we pay special attention to highlight the following skills and values: Helping Each Other, Sharing, Listening to Each Other. We value the attitude of Not Giving Up rather than striving for perfection. That's where our tagline, CONNECT - GROW - SHARE comes from. Together we break down all barriers!


8. Professional, international team

It is of great importance, that all our students get to know the many accents of ENGLISH, not only the native ones. Our kids in their personal and professional lives will meet people with all kinds of accents: from India, China, Brazil, France, the UK, the US, Australia. Our team consists of great professionals with relevant experience from various geographical locations.

9. Our "Online Library" at your service 24 hours a day

Once you become a student of Kids Online English, your family will have immediate access to our Online Library. With workshop recordings, ideas for practicing English at home or away, a list of our favourite movies to watch in English, and so much more.

10. You will make friends from all over the world!

English is the only common language used in our groups.  You will meet kids from different countries and will make new friends. A key to becoming a respectful, tolerant adult with cultural understanding and awareness.


11. No more classes after the age of 16

Our method guarantees that by the age of 16 our students become totally independent learners. Meaning that they will not need even one more class of ENGLISH in their life. Instead, they will continuously keep improving their ENGLISH through doing things they love: traveling, attending events in English, taking courses in English, like graphic design, cooking, architecture, everything you can imagine for them.


12. We have a solution for your whole family

When your kids start with English, it can be a good moment for you to restart too. "Work & Travel" our programme for adults is perfect for this. Fully focused on fluency and use of English, for when you need it for your personal and professional life. 

These are only words, until you see it with your own eyes.

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Trial class in groups of 5-8 students. 45 minutes of fun with kids around the world. This way we avoid any stress a private trial class and level test would cause your child.

After the class I see you for an Orientation Session, where I present you Kids Online English and answer all your questions.


We help you and your family make a decision.

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Kids Online English is for Families...

  • that are looking for a truly enjoyable learning experience for their kids.

  • that believe that quality education is the best gift you can give your children

  • with children who have certain learning blocks or who refuse language classes.

  • with bilingual children (English being one of their languages), who want to practice with other kids and keep improving their English. 


Founder's Welcome

Hi, I'm Eszter, welcome to my world!


I am so glad to have you.

My dream and passion is to prepare the future generation for a rapidly changing world. To help them be proactive with their lives, instead of being reactive. To turn challenges into opportunities and welcome change. 


"In today's world, kids don't need more information, they need the ability to make sense of information. To tell the difference between what is important and what is unimportant, and above all to combine many bits of information into a broad picture of the world." [Thoughts of J.N. Harari]


Speaking English is a must for anyone who wants to be able to make the most of the opportunities the world offers.


"But to survive and flourish in this world, you also need a lot of mental flexibility and great reserves of emotional balance." [J.N. Harari] 


In everything I do, I strive to help kids and adults to find this balance while enjoying the process. 

I am from Hungary, living in Spain, speaking Hungarian, Spanish and English in my daily life. I couldn't imagine my life without this variety of languages. Besides which, I feel I can have a much more balanced and versatile picture of the world, as every new language grants me new opportunities.


I'd love for you, and your kids to experience this feeling in your life.


This is why I founded my first English school, Esztertainment, in 2014, which was the birth place of Kids Online English.


The families that have come along with us throughout these years, can testify, that we've become an essential part of their lives and their future, making it a better one, for them and for their kids. 


Thank you for the time you have dedicated to getting to know us, I'll see you very soon in your first trial class.

With love,




Founder, Kids Online English

A unique method, available without geographical limitations.

I want to give it a try, let's go to the trial class!

By now you'd say, I love all this, but

how much is it?

We have different plans and programmes for each family

  • Families with siblings
  • Families with kids at different stages in their learning, with different needs
  • Family members preparing with us for official language exams
  • Parents attending our Work & Travel Programme
  • Different pricing based on payment frequency (monthly, trimestral, yearly)

Check out our different plans:

Kids & Teens

6-16 years

From 88ā‚¬/month

  • 45-min Online Trial Class
  • 2*60 minutes Online Class a week
  • Reduced groups of maximum 8 students
  • Unlimited access to Thematic Online Workshops 
  • All tools and materials for your classes and workshops delivered to your home
  • 1 Private Class each month (45 mins)
  • Evaluation each trimestre
  • Online summary of each week
  • 24-hr access to our Online Library with workshop recordings
  • Written and visual updates on class activities via a free app

Exam Prep

12-16 years

From 83ā‚¬/month

  • 2*90 minutes Online Class a week
  • Reduced groups of maximum 8 students
  • All materials, books and simulation material included
  • Exam simulation and results report each trimestre
  • Evaluation each trimestre
  • Online summary of each week
  • 24-hr access to our Online Library with workshop recordings and exam prep ideas
  • Access to our virtual classroom so that you can connect with your peers
  • Support with your application for your Cambridge English exam

Work & Travel


From 48ā‚¬/month

  • 1*90 minutes Online Class a week
  • Reduced groups of maximum 8 students
  • Content adapted to the exact needs of participants
  • English for work and travel, what you need for your professional and private life
  • 24-hr access to our Online Library so that you can keep practicing
  • Access to our virtual classroom so that you can connect with your peers
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¿What does this mean?

You can practically start with us without risking anything. You can cancel at any moment during the first 21 calendar days, and you will get everything back.

I give you this guarantee because I am certain about my system and I know my method works fantastically. 


Eszter Godor, Founder, Esztertainment Online

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