I want my kids to learn from Native Teachers

englishonline Feb 17, 2021

Most families want their kids to learn with native speakers of English. And sometimes in the process we forget to check if they are actual teachers or just native speakers of English.

Have you ever given a thought to whether you could teach your own native language? 

Well some of us could, others totally couldn't. 

What I'm trying to say is, that before the "native" element, you need to make sure that you are dealing with 

  • a professional teacher
  • someone with a defined methodology, aimed at kids
  • someone who gives you regular, meaningful updates
  • someone that can outline a clear goal to you and your kids

All this is sooooo much more important than the accent and the pronunciation of the person teaching your kiddos. 

Also, think about this: Who is your kid going to speak English with in the future? People from the UK? People from the US? Well, you don't know for suree, but they will probably speak to people from China, India, Croatia, Brazil, Ireland, with all...

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