Should you leave your kid alone in an online class?

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2020

Should you leave your kid alone in an online class?

Most of us have our kids learning online these days.

It's totally normal if you hesitate, whether to leave your little one alone when they are with their class or with their private teacher in an online video session.

We have collected the most important DOs and DON'Ts of kids learning online, age 5 years+.

Today, looking at it from the perspective whether you should be there with them (with a teacher they know)...

To help you visualise, the other day we recorded a short vid with teacher Carol, where I play "student Julia", and we show you 2 scenarios...


πŸ›‘ Dad translates
πŸ›‘ Dad keeps speaking Spanish (in an English class)
πŸ›‘ Dad sits next to Julia and gives the answers
πŸ›‘ Dad does the folding and makes the fish.....
πŸ›‘ Julia is distracted the whole time...
πŸ›‘ Julia happy but it's nothing special for her
πŸ›‘ Julia's English hasn't improved today
πŸ›‘ Dad could have done other things while Julia was in class.


βœ… Julia is participating on her own
βœ… Parents away or in the same room, but doing other things
βœ… Julia gives answers in English
βœ… at a point Julia gets discouraged, but still pays attention to her teacher
βœ… In the end she finally understands and manages to create her fish
βœ… Her fish might not be perfect, but SHE made it, by herself!
βœ… And she even wants to make more!

🀩 The fish doesn't matter.... It's the LEARNING that matters! 🀩

If you feel you absolutely need to be in the same room (for safety or other reasons), please...

▢️tell your kiddo that you'll be working on something else, reading, whatever, but avoid sitting together with your kid
▢️if your kid asks you for translation, please tell them to ask their teacher
▢️don't help your kids with the activity. It's not the result that matters, it's the process
▢️please speak English and not your mother tongue, this way you will still help your kid.

Thanks ever so much for your help in the name of all online teachers.πŸ€—πŸ₯°


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